I Love What You’re Wearing

25 Jan

The Golden Globes were so two weeks ago, I know.  But, I did watch them and I did play fashion critic (per usual) in my living room.

When Kate Hudson hit the red carpet, a part of me wanted to throw my drink at her – and I mean that in a good, jealous-girl way.  She was absolutely stunning in a black Alexander McQueen gown.  So stunning, in fact, that when she walked on stage as a presenter with Bradley Cooper, I didn’t even notice him.  Y’all.  I didn’t notice Bradley Cooper.

Katie H, who looks so much like her mama that it’s kind of scary, has been having quite the year. Between being the spokesmodel and designer for Ann Taylor and a new gig on Glee, she has become relevant again – and I, for one, am glad.  I fell for her when she starred in Almost Famous, and she’s one of those actresses who I really want to believe is a super cool, non-diva who I could hang out with.


So, who else looked lovely that evening?  While Kate was my pick for “best dressed,” I loved all the “J” women: Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Garner and Jessica Alba, and also Meghan Fox and Hayden Panettiere.

Coming in dead last were Lucy Liu and Halle Berry, who both looked like they seriously pissed off their stylists.  Prints, ladies – they are not your thing.  Do us all a favor and hire some new staff before the Oscars.  Don’t make me tell you twice.

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