Does Anyone Else?

31 Jan

Does Anyone Else?

  • Does anyone else remember Pocket Rockers?
  • Does anyone else refuse to use anything other than a Sharpie pen?
  • Does anyone else not like the taste of water? (What’s the point, really? If it doesn’t have Crystal Light in it, I’m not interested.)
  • Does anyone else wonder who, besides like, Katy Perry, would drive a neon colored car?
  • Does anyone else get tired of hearing about Super Bowl Commercials?
  • Does anyone else have weird dreams about their husband marrying his cousin and wake up mad at him?
  • Does anyone else want to interview the Obama girls and find out what growing up in the White House is really like? (Come on – you know they play pranks on world leaders all the time.)
  • Does anyone else wonder who eats sardines?
  • Does anyone else have Wilson Phillips on their iPod?
  • Does anyone else wonder how they picked out an outfit before Pinterest?
  • Does anyone else drink way too much Diet Coke?
  • Does anyone else wish the weather would stop going from spring to winter overnight?
  • Does anyone else get super happy when they hear this song?

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