Love Story, Volume 2

13 Feb

It seems as if the entire world is in love with Kate Middleton.  And why wouldn’t we be? Every little girl dreamt of becoming a princess when they grew up…and she actually pulled it off.

For the second edition of “Love Story” – I present the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  (Also known as Prince William and Duchess Catherine…those royals have more names than P-Diddy.)


England’s most famous couple met in college at the prestigious University of St. Andrews, and after an eight-year (and on again, off again) courtship, the two married in 2011.  The couple have spoken in interviews about the foundation of their relationship – their friendship.  Before the two were an item, they were housemates who spent quite a lot of time together.  Their favorite traits of one another?  A naughty sense of humor.  (Side note: I bet the Queen loathes that.  She looks incredibly stuffy.)

Olympics Day 6 - Cycling - Track

Intensely private William and Kate rarely speak about each other in public.  You can’t blame them – with the world watching, the scrutiny on their every word would simply be added stress.  However, if a picture is worth a thousand words, these tell the tale of a vibrant, happy, loving couple.  They way they look at each other – well, it’s evident that they are still smitten with each other – 10 years in.

close up


Sigh.  A fairy tale come true, indeed.


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