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Get Your Rent On

26 Mar

I found out about Rent the Runway from a friend a while back.  Had I been watching Gossip Girl when the show was in its prime, I would have known about it years ago.  Note to self: Don’t jump on a bandwagon so late that you miss all the trendy things that go with it!  Anyway, my dear friend Rebekah (who is younger than me and thus keeps me hip) told me about it when I was searching for a dress to wear to her formal wedding – so, I went on the site a few times but never got a “rental” because honestly…it seemed a little weird.

After biting the bullet and finally trying the dress rental process for a wedding last weekend…I’m totally hooked!  I rented a dress that would have cost me almost $500 (so I never would have purchased it because I’m not, like, a brain surgeon or a nuclear scientist) for $25.  The dress would typically have cost me $75 to rent, but with the help of an online coupon code (Google is this gal’s best stalking partner), $40 was my total after I added rental earrings (I cleaned them with rubbing alcohol – don’t panic!) to the order.

After receiving numerous compliments on my cute rental, and experiencing first-hand how easy they make it to rent and return a dress, I can’t say enough positive things about this company.  (Did I mention that they send you a “back up size” at no additional cost? Hello? Genius!)  If you have champagne taste on a beer budget like myself, it’s a perfect fit.  I wish I could own every Milly dress ever designed, but that’s not feasible for me.  And, truth be told, unless it’s a work outfit or a “little black dress” – I rarely wear the same dress twice.  Thanks to Facebook and Instagram, everyone sees what we’re wearing to a special occasion, and while this is going to sound incredibly materialistic of me, I’m willing to admit that I don’t really want to wear the same dress in every picture.  However, at $300 a pop (or more) – you kind of have to…or you have to have a lot of disposable income or credit card debt.  (I don’t have either, mom!)  Rent the Runway could be the solution to my current closet problem.  Because buying a house with a bigger closet would cost way more.

Check it out the next time you have a wedding or cocktail party (or, horror of all horrors, a gala) to attend.  It’s well worth glancing at, since it’s free to browse, and I think you’ll be surprised at how much you love all the choices (and cheap price tags).

Oh, and you’re welcome.

I Hate What You’re Wearing

19 Feb


The offender:  Adele

The item(s) in question:  Dress, worn at the Grammy Awards

My thoughts:  Oh, Adele.  I cannot have been the first one to mention to you that (out of control) prints and your figure do not mix well.  You are a beautiful lady, but whomever your stylist is is either 1) on crack or 2) missed a good opportunity to use that as their excuse, because it looks like Valentine’s Day threw up all over you.  I held back my red carpet opinions while you were with child and right after your baby was born, but enough time has passed for you to get it together.  Please do, because Mrs. Roper called.  She wants her muumuu back.