When I Was Your Age

18 Feb

This weekend we had “the daughters” and they both got email addresses (which we have the passwords for, of course).  Email is a big thing when you first get it.  Do you remember how fun it was to “check” back in the day?  It’s such an everyday part of our lives now that it’s no big thing – but for our girls, they get super excited with every inbox message they receive.

As they were emailing and their dad was researching car parts (more on that later), I was (of course) on Pinterest.  It was there that I saw this amazing shirt:


I showed the hubs and he immediately found this link so that we could explain the sound of dial up to the girls.  We didn’t have the heart to tell ’em that when we were their age, there was no World Wide Web, and that instead of Google we had World Book Encyclopedias.  That would be like the time my mom told me she saw Elvis in concert.  I realized, at that moment, just how old she was.

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