Masters Fever

7 Mar

It’s official, folks.  I have Masters fever.

This time of year brings a certain buzz to my city, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get into it like a kid gets into Christmas.  With the tournament comes crazy traffic, crowded restaurants, national news crews, and a mass exodus of locals who rent their homes to excited golf patrons.

As a child, my “spring break” was always Masters week, (schools still do that, of course) so I think my anticipation of the tournament is fairly deep-rooted.  I went to my first Masters Tournament as a kid in 1990, on a Sunday with my dad.  He insisted I wear my Sunday dress and take a hat, and he donned a spring sport coat and slacks.  I’ve been lucky enough to attend the tournament many times since then, but I’ll never forget that first visit to the Augusta National with him – eating egg salad sandwiches, watching Nick Faldo win the green jacket and falling asleep on the way home.  A perfect Masters Sunday.

In a few short weeks, the flowers will be blooming (and pollen will be everywhere), the temperatures will rise, and we’ll all start to change out our winter wear for tournament worthy attire. All Augustans will feel the spotlight that the Augusta National brings to our city.  We’ll walk amongst those lucky enough to have the “badge” that gets them inside the gates.  They will experience our southern hospitality – our polite nature.  On their way to “the course” they’ll see the manicured lawns of Summerville, a neighborhood known for its historic stately homes and charming bungalows. We’ll show them why Augusta is special and why we love it here.  And in just a few short days of visiting, they’ll love it, too.  (Heck, even Sherman, who burned most of the South, left Augusta be.  If we could win him over, we’re pretty much good-to-go.)

Today’s Yays

1 Mar

yay for:

love letters
a red blazer from jcrew
cute photos of my niece on facebook
crystal light strawberry lemonade
a fun night with two sweet girls, two funny dogs, and one fine husband
apples and peanut butter
weekend plans “at home” with my family
a flower delivery, just because
funny friends
having an “off” exercise day
this song
a sunny day

Update – Couch to 5k

27 Feb

We’re halfway towards our goal, y’all!  Allegedly in 4 more weeks, I’ll be able to run a 5k.  That’s big for me, as I only run when someone is chasing me…or when my dog outsmarts me.

So, what happens when we reach our goal?  We are seriously considering making our own app, called, “5k to Couch” which will include lots of lounging and alcohol.

On The Oscars

26 Feb

I love awards shows.  Always have, always will.  I love the hype, I love the fashion, I love the speeches.  I love the pomp and circumstance, and I love the tradition of it all.

My dear, sweet husband let out a fake “yay” when I excitedly announced yesterday morning that the Oscars would be on later.  He’s the exact opposite of me when it comes to awards shows.  I giddily perch on the couch for the Golden Globes and Grammy’s and every few minutes give my fashion and speech writer two cents.  He trolls his computer and occasionally looks up when I talk about a pretty lady.

Per usual, he was not glued to the television last night when Kristen Stewart hobbled onto the stage.  She was a hot mess, bless her heart.  She was limping, there was a big bruise on her arm, her hair was all messed up – I’m tellin’ ya, she looked like she had just done the walk of shame home from a fraternity formal.

I’m not really a fan of Stewart’s – she’s painfully melancholy, she had an affair with someone else’s husband, and quite frankly, her acting sucks.  Be that as it may, even I felt a little sorry for KStew last night, because she’s was clearly having a bad day.  Apparently she had an accident and cut her foot on some glass, causing her to use crutches on the red carpet.  But, since she always looks totally miserable and angry at the world, I just thought she was on some sort of drugs to get her through her sh*tty life.  (I still think she was on a little somethin’-somethin’, but I digress.)

By the time Jennifer Lawrence won for Best Actress I was asleep (due to the fact that I’m old and have a job to get up for), but I did watch the recap this morning – and that fall she took – what a nightmare.  Her post-win interview cracked me up, though.  I love a girl with a quick wit and the ability to laugh at herself.

Ben Affleck’s speech was the perfect example of why I love awards shows.  It was emotional, funny and slightly uncomfortable.   I’d  like to thank him (get it?) for having an honest moment on stage while thanking his wife for working on their marriage “for 10 Christmases.”  Anyone who found this insulting doesn’t understand marriage.  My favorite part of his speech, however, was when he said, “It doesn’t matter how you get knocked down in life, because that’s going to happen.  It’s that you get back up.”

Until I write and am subsequently nominated for “Best Original Screenplay,” I guess I’ll just continue to practice my acceptance speech (using my hairbrush as the award, of course) in front of the mirror in my bathroom.  When Scott isn’t home.

Love Story, Volume 3

23 Feb

In Hollywood these days, marriages seem to last about as long as my manicures do.  (Hey, I had a failed one once, so who am I to judge?)  So, it’s refreshing when you see a couple who can count their decades together (instead of months together), like Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.


Hanks and Wilson were wed in 1988, after a brief courtship.  She has said that she never knew what love was until she met him (even though she was engaged to another man at one point) and can recall the moment she fell in love with him (as they were holding hands on the corner of 58th and 5th streets in New York).

Ron Galella

"The Bonfire of the Vanities" Westwood Premiere

Through the years, his Oscar acceptance speeches have turned both the audience (and Tom) teary-eyed when he acknowledged her, always saying that the reason he was able to identify with the characters he won for playing was because of the love they share.

Oscar Speech for Philadelphia:

“Here’s what I know. I could not be standing here without that undying love that was just sung about by Neil Young.  I have that in a lover that is so close to ‘fine,’ that we should all be able to experience such Heaven right here on Earth.”

Oscar Speech for Forrest Gump:

“I am standing here because the woman I share my life with has taught me, and demonstrates to me every day, just what love is.”



On their 24th wedding anniversary, the couple took to Twitter with a sweet display of public affection – him posting a now 24-year-old wedding photo and calling her the love of his life, and her Tweeting back, “It feels like it’s been 24 hours.  Did we just get married?”

Snippets From My Conversations

21 Feb

With my honey

Him:  The scale is in a good mood today.  You should try it out.

Me:  That scale can go ___ itself.

Him:  Yeah, last week I considered water-boarding it until it told me what I wanted to hear.


With my BFF

Her:  Good morning. Is it too early to be rude?

Me:  I was JUST saying to a co-worker that I was trying to be positive until 10:00am.  It’s a struggle.

Her:  It IS!  Especially when I look on FB and see stupid posts.

Me: Just go ahead and be ugly. I will join in.  It’s who we are.


With a few co-workers

Girl:  The stomach virus combined with the Paleo Diet has made me lose a little too much weight.

Me:  Yeah, skinny jeans aren’t supposed to be baggy.  Eat some cake.

Male:  Well, I don’t think you look too thin.

Me:  Um, this from the guy who thought Angelina Jolie and her stupid leg didn’t look anorexic at the Oscars last year.  Don’t trust a guy who thinks Ethiopians are fat, ok?

I Hate What You’re Wearing

19 Feb


The offender:  Adele

The item(s) in question:  Dress, worn at the Grammy Awards

My thoughts:  Oh, Adele.  I cannot have been the first one to mention to you that (out of control) prints and your figure do not mix well.  You are a beautiful lady, but whomever your stylist is is either 1) on crack or 2) missed a good opportunity to use that as their excuse, because it looks like Valentine’s Day threw up all over you.  I held back my red carpet opinions while you were with child and right after your baby was born, but enough time has passed for you to get it together.  Please do, because Mrs. Roper called.  She wants her muumuu back.

When I Was Your Age

18 Feb

This weekend we had “the daughters” and they both got email addresses (which we have the passwords for, of course).  Email is a big thing when you first get it.  Do you remember how fun it was to “check” back in the day?  It’s such an everyday part of our lives now that it’s no big thing – but for our girls, they get super excited with every inbox message they receive.

As they were emailing and their dad was researching car parts (more on that later), I was (of course) on Pinterest.  It was there that I saw this amazing shirt:


I showed the hubs and he immediately found this link so that we could explain the sound of dial up to the girls.  We didn’t have the heart to tell ’em that when we were their age, there was no World Wide Web, and that instead of Google we had World Book Encyclopedias.  That would be like the time my mom told me she saw Elvis in concert.  I realized, at that moment, just how old she was.

The Best Thing About February 15th…

15 Feb

The best thing about today is that we won’t have to hear “Every kiss begins with Kay” every 5 seconds whilst getting our television fix at night.  I sincerely hope none of you received the Open Hearts Collection necklace from your significant yesterday, because, well, it’s the most hideous line of jewelry I’ve ever seen.  Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman is no Harry Winston.  I sure hope she goes back to the Lifetime Network sometime soon.

In other horrid gift news, the day before Valentines Day I saw a clown on the side of the road holding a sign that was advertising clown-o-grams for Vday.  Clowns are the scariest thing on Earth.  No one above the age of 4 likes a clown.  I realize that times are tough and you gots to do what you gots to do to make some cash, but if a clown walked in my office singing or dancing to profess my husband’s love for me…one or the both of them would be gravely injured.

Love Story, Volume 2

13 Feb

It seems as if the entire world is in love with Kate Middleton.  And why wouldn’t we be? Every little girl dreamt of becoming a princess when they grew up…and she actually pulled it off.

For the second edition of “Love Story” – I present the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.  (Also known as Prince William and Duchess Catherine…those royals have more names than P-Diddy.)


England’s most famous couple met in college at the prestigious University of St. Andrews, and after an eight-year (and on again, off again) courtship, the two married in 2011.  The couple have spoken in interviews about the foundation of their relationship – their friendship.  Before the two were an item, they were housemates who spent quite a lot of time together.  Their favorite traits of one another?  A naughty sense of humor.  (Side note: I bet the Queen loathes that.  She looks incredibly stuffy.)

Olympics Day 6 - Cycling - Track

Intensely private William and Kate rarely speak about each other in public.  You can’t blame them – with the world watching, the scrutiny on their every word would simply be added stress.  However, if a picture is worth a thousand words, these tell the tale of a vibrant, happy, loving couple.  They way they look at each other – well, it’s evident that they are still smitten with each other – 10 years in.

close up


Sigh.  A fairy tale come true, indeed.